Donna Preston has been announced as ‘The Mistress’ in ITV2’s Apocalypse Wow which she will co-host with AJ Odudu.

This epic and hilarious new physical game will feature ‘Chief of the Clan’ Scarlett Moffatt who leads celebrities through the dome, including the brilliant Jess Wright.

Donna Preston said: “I’ve always wanted to have ownership over these celebrities and have them as my servants and with this role, the Mistress, I can do just that. The role of the Mistress is feisty and fun. This show is an absolute belter, it’s bizarre and bonkers, and I love it and hope you do too! So darlings, come on board the love train to… Apocalypse Wow.”

Scarlett Moffatt, said: “It’s hard to put into words how bizarre and crazy Apocalypse Wow is! The pressure was well and truly on for me as I led the celebs into battle. I had the most fun making the series and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen on TV before so I’m super excited for everyone to see it. Trust me when I say, you’re not going to want to miss this!”