An Evening With Dr Amir (Tour)

Live on stage, Dr Amir will detail his journey to becoming a doctor – something he hadn’t ever wanted to do, much preferring to become a vet. But how many Asian vets do you see? None, right. And how many Asian doctors do you see? Bloody loads. Influenced by his mother, Amir applied to study medicine, and the rest, as they say, is history; after appearing on GPs Behind Closed Doors, he is currently ITV’s Lorraine and Good Morning Britain doctor, the host of Channel 5’s You Are What You Eat, and author of bestselling book, The Doctor Will See You Now.

He’ll share a riveting account of patient consultations in the NHS, painting a profoundly revealing portrait of healthcare in twenty-first century Britain. Alongside funny, emotional, and downright bizarre stories of patient encounters he has had during his 18 years as a doctor, Amir will reveal how years of underfunding and lack of staffing have brought the NHS to crisis point; he’ll consider how it can be, and why it should be, saved before it’s too late.

Finally, Dr Amir will bring the doctors surgery to you, tackling seemingly personal and often challenging subjects in a relaxed and practical manner, and offering advice on anything and everything – from sleeping issues and headaches, to joint pain and heart palpitations. This is a unique opportunity to air your health issues or conundrums and receive expert advice in a relaxed, non-judgemental, taboo-busting public forum.

This promises to be an entertaining, informative, and liberating evening; you might laugh, you might be shocked, and you will certainly be encouraged to think. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend an evening with Dr Amir Khan as he reminds us just how special the NHS really is.